Spider-Man: Far From Home’s love stories might be exactly what we need after Endgame


Peter and MJ? Happy Hogan and Aunt May? Ned and Betty Brant? It’s all very cloudy, but also could be just what our souls need after Avengers: Endgame.

It’s finally here. The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has dropped, giving us our first look at the post-Avengesr: Endgame world… probably.

The trailer established quickly that this installment would take Peter Parker and his friends overseas for the summer, but the timeline isn’t explicit. (Marvel specifically didn’t show any indication of a year on Peter’s passport in the trailer, for example.)

In case you somehow haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it below and read on to see exactly why those certain flirty moments may be exactly what we need:

General speculation — including a tip-off from Kevin Feige — points to this movie taking place after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

But what the trailer did tell us for sure is that there will be a good amount of romance in Far From Home. Just 15 seconds in, Happy Hogan is flirting with Aunt May and complimenting her new dress.

It’s… odd, but you don’t have too much time to dwell on it, as just a few seconds later we see MJ and Peter giving not-so-subtle glances at each other on a boat in what looks to be Venice. Later in the trailer, Peter mentions that he thinks MJ really likes him and he just wants to spend time with her.

Even Ned is getting his picture taken by a female classmate – but more on that shortly.

Given the latest events of the MCU, it can be jarring to see such an upbeat, flirty vibe. But considering said drama – including the overwhelming possibility that Tony Stark might actually be gone – these romances might be just the thing to keep our spirits up.

They’re still teenagers

What a lot of people loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming was how it felt like a John Hughes movie. It was a coming-of-age tale as much as it was an action movie. Peter and his friends were real high school students trying to navigate class, tests and finding a date to homecoming.

Peter’s relationship(ish) with Liz was a highlight, and the first example of how being Spider-Man would affect his love life. Then they dropped the “Michelle is actually MJ” bomb at the end of the movie, and some fans are absolutely ready to see that iconic relationship come to life in the MCU.

Tom Holland and Zendaya have a clear chemistry, and it’s only highlighted more when Peter tries to tell MJ she looks pretty. It shows that, through it all, they’re just two teenagers falling for one another, and it’s precious.

With as heavy as things have gotten in this universe, it’ll be nice to see Peter and MJ just trying to figure out their feelings, all while traveling the globe no less. And it looks like they won’t be the only Midtown students coming together.

Is Ned dating Betty Brant?

Ned was without a doubt one of the most charming characters in the Spider-Man: Homecoming. All he wanted was to be the guy in the chair and he was really good at it. Seeing him find love would undoubtedly be adorable, and it looks like he just might in Far From Home.

For this, we need to look to the international trailer. There was quite a bit of extra footage in there, so feel free to take a few minutes to watch:

Now, let’s specifically focus on that quick shot 24 seconds in.

Ned is cheesing pretty hard as he approaches the check-in desk at the airport with a lovely young lady. With her hand on his shoulder, she seems to be just as excited. They look like, well, two smitten teens. She shows up again in the trailer, taking that picture of Ned we mentioned earlier.

But make no mistake: that’s Betty Brant.

She was first introduced in Homecoming as one of the awkward newscasters at Midtown School of Science and Technology. She also popped up in Peter and Ned’s gym class, as Liz’s friend who would “F– Thor, marry Iron Man and kill Hulk.” (Debate that at will).

So far in the MCU, she’s been little more than a background character. But we can’t ignore the fact that in the comics, Betty Brant eventually became a love interest for Peter Parker.

Now, considering that Peter and MJ appear to be in the very, very early stages of liking each other, odds are pretty good that the Peter/Betty relationship won’t be much of a thing at all in this realm. Plus, if Ned is dating her now, would Peter really go for her later? They seem like two dudes who would stick to the “bro code.”

Realistically, Ned and Betty could be a brilliant pairing. They could be adorably awkward together, and I’m fully shipping it.

Not just young love

Then there’s Happy and Aunt May. This was the weirdest pairing to get thrown at us but let’s consider it. This could mean some backstory.

At this point in the MCU, Ben Parker is gone. We know virtually nothing about him, other than that he had a suitcase with his initials on it that Peter now has. So, if Aunt May really is moving on, that opens up two potential conversations.

One, between Peter and Aunt May. The other, between Peter and Happy. Both have the potential to give some more insight on – and maybe even a flashback of – Uncle Ben. So, for the sake of background, this Happy/May ship could be worth it.

Then again, there are other ways the writers could do that, so I reserve judgment on this one.

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Regardless, the potential of so many love stories seems to indicate that Far From Home will have a similar vibe to Homecoming: light-hearted fun, balanced with just enough conflict. And that sounds like the movie we sorely need.