Aquaman’s reign is real, hitting $1 billion at global box office


Aquaman is more than just the king of Atlantis. His reign has impacted the box office, bringing in one billion dollars globally.

Based on Aquaman‘s current success at the box office, one would almost think we were looking at another Marvel movie. The reality is that the DC Extended Universe has finally found what they were looking for — a diamond in the rough, or in this case, a pearl in an oyster shell?

While Aquaman has certainly exceeded expectations, both domestically and on the world stage, the movie still has plenty of time to break some records and prove that Jason Momoa is the star the DCEU needed all along.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, with Aquaman hitting $1.02 billion over the weekend, it marks the first DC film since The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 to break that illustrious mark. And that’s not all the film has managed to do with this milestone. It has also pushed The Dark Knight, which has long been a fan favorite, down a notch in the overall earnings category.

In honor of the film’s accomplishment, director James Wan took to Twitter to share a message with his followers, in which he thanked everyone who has supported this movie, which he called an “underdog.”

And we understand his need to bring this up. The reality is that this hero has long been considered a joke in the mainstream media (we see you Big Bang Theory). But now, it is clear that audiences are seeing what comic fans have long known — there is a lot more to this hero than meets the eye.

Although a sequel for Aquaman has not officially been announced, there has definitely been talks of one. Jason Momoa has noted what he’d like to see in a sequel (and we have too). While we wait for news about what comes next for the king of Atlantis, we can still enjoy the beauty that is this particular solo movie.

The end credits alone from Aquaman are a visually stunning experience — and thanks to VFX firm Filmograph, we can watch it over and over again. While most people may walk out during the end credits, unless there’s a mid-credit or end-credit scene (Marvel does this well), Aquaman found a way to keep audiences captivated until the absolute end.

There is something to be said for a movie that pays as much attention to the credits as it does the film itself. And perhaps that is why the movie is in the glorious billion-dollar club. When a film pays special attention to even the smallest details, you help to offer a unique experience that audiences won’t stop talking about.

Now, there is still plenty of life in Aquaman (it is still in theaters after all). Having already broken the $1 billion mark, we can’t wait to see what comes next for this DCEU property. Perhaps this is exactly what the studio needed to give new life to the heroes of the DC universe.

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Are you surprised that Aquaman broke $1 billion? Do you think this movie will break any more records before it exits theaters? Do you think Aquaman’s success will help turn things around for the rest of the DCEU?