Aquaman: 10 characters perfect for the sequel

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Even before Aquaman premiered in theaters there was talk of a sequel. Now that the movie has proven to be a success, it’s time to look at new characters to bring in for round two.

From cameos to actual new additions, there are plenty of characters we would love to see make an appearance in an Aquaman sequel. Clearly we are not alone in thinking up characters that could show up in future films, as even Jason Momoa has shared the two Justice League members he would love to work with (again).

That’s right: even the star of the film has some ideas for potential cameos. While we love his ideas (and may even mention them in our list), there are actually a few more characters we would love to see pop up in any Aquaman sequels. In fact, we have 10 characters we would love to see showing up in a sequel, including the two that Momoa himself chose.

As a fan of the comics, some of these choices come from classic storylines, while other characters are part of the greater DC canon and have interacted with our hero in stories associated with his time with the Justice League (and we don’t just mean the movie from the DCEU). So, whether these characters just make a token appearance or feature more heavily in the story, these are the additions we want to see in Aquaman 2 (or beyond).