10 biggest TV returns of 2019 you need to watch out for

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Killing Eve

The best show you probably slept on in 2018 is coming back for its second season this spring, and it’s time to get onboard the hype train right now. BBC’s buzzy cat-and-mouse thriller Killing Eve takes everything you know about the popular “good detective chases bad killer” genre trope and flips it on its head, simply by centering the story on two women. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer play MI-6 agent Eve Polastri and psychotic assassin Villanelle, respectively, and the show revolves around the complicated relationship between the two – one that goes way beyond cops and murderers. Instead, it asks interesting questions about love, hate, obsession, loss, and duty, without ever giving us, as viewers, clear answers or asking us to choose between either lead. (In fact, it encourages us to love and enjoy them both.)

As we look forward to its second season, it’s hard to picture where exactly Killing Eve might go next. Our two leads have already gone on a pseudo-dinner date, chased one another around the globe, killed the other’s best friend (Villanelle) and stabbed the other (Eve). Will they make out or fight to the death? It feels like it could – and probably will – go either way, which is part of the reason this show’s so exciting.

And that’s not even counting all the other stuff: Whether we’ll see Konstantine’s amazing daughter Irina again (probably not, but here’s hoping). What exactly it is that Carolyn is hiding? Why is she so incredibly shady all the time? Who else is she working with, and for what purpose?  How far will Eve’s obsession with Villanelle take her? And when will the two find each other again?

At least we won’t have to wait that long to find out.