10 biggest TV returns of 2019 you need to watch out for

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It’s Peak TV basically all the time now, but some real heavy hitters are headed back to the small screen in 2019. Here are our picks for 10 of the biggest.

It’s honestly Peak TV all the time now. Literally every week there’s some new premiere, as the major networks, premium cable outlets, and streaming services drop dozens of highly anticipated series into our waiting eyeballs without ceasing. Or, at least, that’s what it often feels like. Not only does it seem as though you’ll never catch up on everything that’s out there, it can feel like you’re barely keeping track of when and where your faves are airing. Add in the fact that almost every network out there is splitting seasons, shuffling airtimes and pushing back premieres – and you honestly might not be. And that’s not even counting the shows that were on one network and are now on a completely different one thanks to fan outcry after a cancellation. (Brooklyn 99 and Lucifer, we’re looking at you.)

Heck, Netflix doesn’t always announce their premieres more than a couple weeks in advance!

But some series are such big deals that it’s almost impossible to escape them. The whole world will be watching when Game of Thrones returns, and promotional posters are already appearing for the next chapter of Stranger Things, even though it won’t air until this summer.

In an era where we all sort of watch things on our own schedules, it’s nice that there are still a few shows that command our collective attention. We’ve picked 10 of the biggest returns we’ll see in 2019 – and that no one will want to miss.