8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Batwoman (2011) #30. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

8. Green Fairy

As one of the many inmates that Wolf Spider freed from Arkham in Batwoman (2011) #29, which carried over into the next issue as well, Green Fairy doesn’t have many appearances in DC Comics, even in Batwoman-related runs. Her powers allow her to exhale a concoction of mind-altering fumes that leave her foes vulnerable to attacks. Despite her overwhelming abilities, DC Comics hasn’t used her character often.

Giving Green Fairy a featurette in the Batwoman series would give The CW an opportunity to rewrite her as a more prominent character and villain. Because Batwoman can implicitly promote women empowerment, seeing as Kate Kane is obviously a B.A. hero, using her show to continue Green Fairy’s comic book narrative would also give women villains an opportunity to flourish in her series.