8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Injustice Gods Among Us: Year 5 #6. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

7. Bane

Bane is more notably remembered for being a popular Batman villain. However, Bane is an evergreen villain throughout DC Comics, often antagonizing Superman and even Batwoman. Other than the intense and similarly matched fights between Kate and Bane, his appearances could lead to more Bat Fam cameos, or at least Easter egg-riddled references, in the Batwoman show.

Because the two don’t have the same perspectives on resolving conflicts, Bane’s existence in her story arc can further villainize Bruce — ultimately, leading Kate to find her own voice as a singular superhero. Since the CW has noted that the show will focus on Kate’s journey to becoming a hero, Bane and other vital villains could help ease her through this journey.