8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Batwoman (2011) #16. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

6. Medusa

In Batwoman media, the mythical Gorgon leads a band of criminals including Killer Croc, Bloody Mary, and Weeping Woman. Watching the action of Batwoman fighting overgrown serpents while defending Gotham against an oversized human-crocodile hybrid would be enough to hook any viewer. Apart from monster fights, Medusa and her crew are critical to Kate’s story because these fights introduce a common problem in the city: police corruption.

Medusa isn’t just a Greek legend, Medusa is also a drug cartel in Gotham with mythological overtones. Moonlighting under the D.E.O, the cartel plays on Kate’s love for her family to coerce her into cooperating with the crime syndicate.

In Batwoman (2011) #5, the D.E.O. uses her father’s freedom to blackmail her into taking down the crime cartel. Medusa is critical not only for the on-going missing children in Gotham but also the canon corruption in the city. Apart from aiding the theme of Gotham itself, Medusa also plays an important role in Kate and Maggie’s relationship because the ongoing fights between Batwoman and the cartel, push Kate to focus more on her personal life, bringing her and Maggie closer together.

Admittedly, we just want an excuse for Batwoman to square off against mythological creatures and the monsters in Medusa’s cohort to prove that Kate can fight and win against any opponent (because she can).