8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #975. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

5. The Colony

Kate’s own father, Colonel Jacob Kane, organized The Colony, which is a group of fighters who mirror Batman’s combat style. In the Detective Comics, her dad uses these soldiers to spy on the group of vigilantes and ultimately instructs them to attack the crime fighters. Using The Colony as a trained cohort of spies and fighters worked for a while, but he well-intentioned dad got a little heavy-handed when it came to orchestrating government-funded operation.

Ultimately, Jacob executed a Colony attack against the League of Shadows, even though he knew civilian casualties were inevitable going into the mission. Granted, Tim Drake hacked the Colony of fighters and pseudo-died (everyone thought he was dead, but he really wasn’t, which is canon in Gotham). Regardless, Kate could stand to see this operation go on because, despite Jacob’s intentions, The Colony was a risk to Gotham.

In order to effectively fight the organized arm, Kate secretly joins the Colony in Detective Comics Vol. 1 #975. While this issue and the following issues highlight Batwoman’s covert operative skills, this villainous group constructs some dramatic conflict between Kate and her father—when she already has enough drama in her Bat Family.