8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Batwoman (2017) #3. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

3. Knife

As an ambiguous assassin who has a grudge against Kate for altering the pirate lifestyle of Coryana, Knife is especially passionate about a gig to assassinate Batwoman. Though she’s made several appearances in the comics, there’s little known about Tahani’s life beyond her time on Coryana. With her sharp hand-to-hand combat skills, she’s a challenging opponent for Kate.

Likewise, she’s armored with deception. At one point in the Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Faces of Death, Tahani coerces her back to Coryana to attempt to assassinate her. She was unsuccessful in her attacks, but she was successful in her deceit which is a noteworthy skill for any good villain. Beyond her canon grudge against Batwoman, The CW could easily create a convincing backstory behind her character, seeing as her background is already vague.

Frankly, we just want to see more powerful women, heroes, villains, and anti-heroes alike, celebrates in comic book media, and DC TV and The CW are no exceptions. There are a lot of stories to tell about Knife, and we’d love to watch an episode set in Coryana.