8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Batwoman (2017) #15. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

2. Alice

What comic-related series would be complete without an evil twin? Even the series Gotham incorporated a twin, who turned evil, into Jerome Valeska’s narrative. Though pop culture might be oversaturated in long-lost evil twins, Kate’s twin has a wildly nefarious spin.

Born as Elizabeth Kane, Kate’s sister goes by Alice after she was kidnapped and brainwashed by a religious cult, which turned into a crime syndicate. You know: The obvious progression for any twin’s evil origin story.

Based on Alice’s appearance, which is albeit unrelated to the Mad Hatter in DC Comics, she’s too devoted to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland after she was tragically kidnapped from her family by the Religion of Crime. Kate was abducted too, but unlike Alice, a rescue mission saved the future Batwoman. Although Alice doesn’t stay a consistent villain, her villainy past eventually allows her and Kate to become allies, which would be refreshing to see incorporating in the series. As much as we love sibling rivalry, our favorite comic character development trope is sibling rivalry that transitions into a powerful sibling alliance.