8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Batwoman (2011) #12. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

1. Bloody Mary

Loosely inspired by the famous ghost story and the proceeding creepy challenge in front of a mirror, Bloody Mary’s name is loosely based on the legend. However, comic Mary takes vengeance into her own hands and murders after her husband cheated on her. In Batwoman #12, we find that she’s further motivated to murder people based on the suspicion that someone else might steal her man from her. Beyond her paranoia, Mary has the power to display a fear-induced version of her enemy in the mirror.

While Bloody Mary’s story arc takes a new spin on the age-old ghost story, her Bloody Mary would prove to be a formidable opponent for Kate. With Mary’s fear-projection via any reflective surface, it would also be interesting to Scarecrow foreshadow her televised debut. (Sure, they could team up, but we don’t really see the man-hating villain, who we admire for her disdain for men, teaming up with a male villain at any point in the future.)