8 villains we want to see in the Batwoman series (and 4 we don’t)

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Now that The CW has officially made the Batwoman pilot, well… official, we can focus on the villains in Kate Kane’s life, right? Maybe we just have an affinity for DC Comics villains, but we have several we’d look to see appear in the Batwoman series.

As Batwoman prepares for her transition from comic book panels to her live-action television series on The CW, it’s easy to draft a comic-themed wishlist of what we want to see from one of our favorite members in the cowl-donning vigilantes. We expect to have a myriad of family drama, stunt-defying fight sequences, and comic book parallels, but we also hope The CW will include certain villains in the impending show. After all, we can enjoy our favorite superheroes for their villainous antagonists, too.

Bruce Wayne might attract a plethora of foes to the Bat Family, but even Kate Kane has a knack for drawing a crowd of villains. In any bat-syndicated media, there are some crossover villains that have some intergenerational beef within the Bat Fam, but Kate Kane’s periodic less-than-Wayne-approved hero ethics has attracted some interesting characters since another Batwoman starting wearing her cape again in 2006. By association with the bat symbol, Batwoman will likely entice some canon Batman villains because there is a healthy amount of crossover in regards to drama when it comes to the Bat Family.

Batwoman (2011) #16. Photo Credit: DC Comics.

After all, in the Elseworlds crossover event alone, we already saw a sneak peek to a potential recurring villain in Kate’s titular CW series: Jonathan Crane, i.e. Scarecrow. While there is some antagonistic crossover when it comes to the multiverse of DC villains, Batwoman also has several specific villains that are critical to her character develop, and some one-off Bat-related villains we’d just like to see in her show. (We’re allowed to be biased about obscure villains cameos in comic panels, shows, or otherwise, right?)

Granted, the definition of villain and hero are relatively fluid in comic book culture (to an extent, of course), so we compiled a list of some of Batwoman’s noteworthy villains we would love to see appear in her series.