Star Wars Resistance preview: Trouble comes to the Colossus


The second half of the season is off to a crazy start in this upcoming episode of Star Wars Resistance as a giant tentacled creature attacks the Colossus. At the same time, Synara starts to suspect Kaz’s true motives.

Just when Kaz and the others think it’s going to be an ordinary day, things take a dramatic turn in “Bibo” when Neeku decides to adopt an unusual sea creature. That alone paints a sweet yet troubling picture for us because Neeku’s new friend will inevitably attract a much bigger and fiercer creature from the depths of Castilon’s oceans.

While this aquatic beast spells trouble for the Colossus, we can’t help but feel a tad excited. Star Wars is known for introducing a wide array of fascinating creatures, like the purrgil, Loth-wolves, and tibidee from Star Wars Rebels. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of features this new creature will display, even though it comes at the cost of harming the Colossus.

We also like how more ocean-related storylines are being incorporated into the series. After all, the Colossus is a massive station sitting in the middle of an extensive body of water. So far, we’ve only been dealing with the wreckage that’s rusting away on the ocean floor, but what else is down there? Most importantly, how will this setting continue to play a role moving forward?

Watch the Colossus come under attack and Synara suspect Kaz in this recent promo:

Elijah Wood is set to return as Jace Rucklin in this episode. We wonder what kind of trouble he’ll get into or whether he’s the reason the giant sea creature arrives on the Colossus in the first place. We know he doesn’t have a good relationship with Kaz, so there’s a chance Rucklin might be messing around with Kaz’s friends as a way to get back at him.

While the sea creature is the main plot of the episode, there also appears to be a subplot featuring Synara and Kaz. They’re out in the ocean for whatever reason, but she starts to suspect Kaz’s real intentions for being on the Colossus. Besides Yeager, the only other person who is close to knowing the truth is Torra Doza, as seen in “Secrets and Holograms.”

Synara could use this information to her advantage. That is, if she’s still working with the pirates. We haven’t seen her interacting with them over the past few episodes. She does, however, question Kragan Gorr in the promo. Maybe she’s on the edge of turning away from the pirates, but this interaction with Kaz entices her back to her thieving and conniving ways.

“Bibo” will no doubt be another fun adventure. With Neeku taking center stage, we’re certain there’ll be lots of laughs. Although, we also hope to learn more about Neeku in the process. He’s the only member in Team Fireball we don’t know much about, so here’s hoping this episode starts changing that.

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Watch “Bibo” on Jan. 13 on the Disney Channel at 10 p.m. EST or on DisneyNOW.