Avengers: Endgame: Let’s piece together some disparate spoilers


With the beginning of the marketing push for Avengers: Endgame comes some tidbits that, when put together, could reveal a significant setpiece.

Marvel has a lot on its plate right now, metaphorically speaking. Not only is Captain Marvel two months away, with tickets on sale already, but after dropping a trailer for Avengers: Endgame last month, hype is only building more and more. It actually makes a lot of sense to keep that hype going, but in slightly subtle ways, like marketing tie-ins with Audi.

After all, much of the main audience for Endgame might not look too hard at Audi. However, if Marvel drops little details in the content, then voila, fans are excited and Audi gets some eyeballs of its own. Everybody wins, fans included, because the details seem like they could be pretty important.

First off, we know from a video Audi released featuring Robert Downey Jr. that Tony gets to drive a fancy new car in the film. Naturally, the comments are basically all about this reveal.

It’s nice to know Tony still knows how to drive.

Anyway, we don’t think that Tony will somehow make it back to Earth by himself. As CBR posits based on another Audi promotional tie-in called Rocket’s Rescue Run, it’s probable that Rocket Raccoon cobbles something together (possibly while wearing that fancy new outfit of his) to go pick Tony up on Titan and bring him back, only for the very human Stark to decide he’s taking the wheel because he can actually reach the pedals without any issue.

Not only could it be a more action-oriented scene, since we don’t think the return to Earth won’t be smooth, but there’s a chance for some humor here as well, especially since Tony and Rocket haven’t actually met yet. After all, the Guardians split up in Avengers: Infinity War before Tony even makes it to Titan.

The question is: how does anyone find out who’s still on Titan? The plans made in Infinity War go completely sideways, to put it mildly. Perhaps rescuing Stark only becomes a goal once people are traveling to Titan, since the trailer shows that he’s drifting in space.

How big of a scene will this be? It seems like getting Tony back on earth should be significant enough to have some sort of a large scene, right?

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Avengers: Endgame arrives April 26.