Stephen Colbert cleverly parodies Bird Box to mock Trump’s border wall address


Stephen Colbert created a Bird Box parody to make fun of Trump’s address, and things might have gotten a little too real.

You might be aware that last night, Donald Trump got some time on television to talk about the government shut down and try to explain why building a wall at the border of Mexico is necessary.

Of course, the address was full of a lot of claims that weren’t necessarily true and, let’s be honest, a lot of low-key racism. The government shut down and Trump’s obsession with building this wall are serious issues, but sometimes comedy and humor is an effective way of pointing out the problems in society.

Wednesday night, the late-night comedians took on the president’s speech and couldn’t help but make fun of it. Stephen Colbert, for one, used Netflix’s popular film Bird Box to parody the speech and point out how awful it was. Seeing as how Bird Box has been the meme king of the past month, this was a pretty brilliant and hilarious move.

In the segment, which is titled “Bird Box Part 2: The Trump Address,” a woman who is acting out Sandra Bullock’s character tells her children not to take off their blindfolds under any circumstances, just like in the actual film.

But, there’s a twist of course. The woman then says, “The speech will be so insane that if you watch it, you will want to hurt yourself.” To be honest, that line might be a little too real. Then, one of the kids points out that they should probably mute the TV, too, not just cover their eyes.

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While it might not be best to be completely ignorant to what Trump said in the speech as it has a big impact on the lives of all Americans, we definitely get the desire to want to hide away from the horrible and confusing things he has to say.