The Captain Marvel Challenge wants to help girls see a big-screen heroine


Forget your basic new year’s resolutions. The Captain Marvel Challenge is here to help girls see Carol Danvers, Maria Rambeau, and more on the big screen.

Now that we’re just over a week into the new year, it might be time to re-evaluate your new year’s resolutions. Is one of them some nebulous goal to help improve the world around you in some way? Or are you still scrambling for one, figuring that it’s fine as long as you pick something? Here’s something a little more concrete that might work for you, provided you have the budget and the willingness: Donate to one charitable cause a month. We’ll even help you get started with January (or February, or March). Meet the Captain Marvel Challenge.

Put together by Frederick T. Joseph, the man behind last year’s Black Panther Challenge, the concept is pretty simple. People donate, and We Have Stories, in conjunction with other charities like Girls Inc., will buy tickets to send girls specifically to see Captain Marvel when it’s out in theaters on March 8.

The challenge went live on GoFundMe January 8, and as of this writing, it has already raised over half of its $10,000 goal. Most of the donations are quite small, as well; just one has topped $100, and it was a donation of $1,000.

On its page, there’s an explanation of the choice to send girls to Captain Marvel, but this bullet point may resonate most: “There are multiple female characters in the film that enforce diversity of women in race, careers, and talents.”

Let’s elaborate on that. Not only is Lashana Lynch part of the cast as Maria Rambeau, Carol Danvers’ fellow Air Force pilot, but Gemma Chan plays Minn-Erva. Finally, Annette Bening is also part of the cast. While that might seem small — only four women — they all seem to have their own backstories and character points aside from their relationships to Carol. Moreover, Maria is a pilot, Minn-Erva is a member of Starforce and a sniper, and Bening’s character seems to be involved with the sciences.

The Black Panther Challenge raised over $400,000. While it’s just started, here’s hoping the Captain Marvel Challenge can have a similar impact.

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Captain Marvel is in theaters March 8.