King Orm and Arthur challenge each other in new Aquaman clip


Aquaman promotions have truly ramped up now that the movie has premiered in China, and with it comes a new scene featuring King Orm and Arthur face to face.

With Aquaman set to premiere domestically on December 21, promotion for the movie has ramped up to a fever pitch. And that means we have been getting even more clips and heard from members of the cast about their own thoughts on the film. But, in the latest clip, we finally get to see a glimpse of the challenge between Arthur and King Orm, played by Patrick Wilson.

While we know going into the movie that King Orm is the antagonist, we don’t know nearly enough about him yet. Sure, he’s Arthur Curry’s half-brother and he wants to wage war against the surface for what they have done to his home. But that’s as much as we’ve had to go on… until now.

Thanks to the newest clip that came courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden, we actually get to see Orm and Arthur face to face. And while this is where these two brothers challenge each other over the fate of Atlantis and the world really, there is something else we see. We see a man who also lost his mother.

As King Orm speaks to Arthur, he makes his thoughts very clear. He blames Arthur for the loss of their mother, Queen Atlanna. And whether he is right or wrong, it is clear that this is a hurt that he carries with him. His own mother left him (even if we don’t know the circumstances), and chose another family over him.

While Wilson’s character may have his mind made up about what he plans to do, it is interesting that he gives his brother a choice to basically walk away.

“A war is coming to the surface, whether you like it or not,” King Orm tells Arthur. “And I am bringing the wrath of the seven seas with me.”

We know (and we imagine King Orm knows) that Arthur is not going to step back and let his brother have his way, not when so many lives are at stake. This is one of the tensest clips we’ve seen so far, showing a moment in which two brothers come face to face to make their positions known.

It is hard not to have a bit of sympathy for King Orm, but at the same time, what he wants to do is destruction, pure and simple. So, of course, we are all here for Arthur Curry taking on his big brother.

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