Aquaman may have a spooky Conjuring Easter Egg

It looks like there may be a rather creepy Conjuring universe Easter egg in the upcoming Aquaman solo movie. And no we don’t mean Patrick Wilson.

Fans of the Conjuring franchise already know that there was a reunion of sorts on the set of Aquaman thanks to director James Wan and actor Patrick Wilson. As part of the horror series, Wan was again behind the scenes, while Wilson was one of the stars of the primary series, taking on the role of Ed Warren.

In Aquaman, the actor plays King Orm, Arthur Curry’s brother and the man he must go up against in order to earn his rightful place as the leader of Atlantis. But Aquaman fans, you know all of this already.

What we didn’t know before was the fact that our director was going to add another (actual) Easter egg from the Conjuring into Aquaman. As with any hidden detail or Easter egg planted in a movie, it requires paying a lot of attention in order to spot the creepy little gem, but according to Cinema Blend, it seems that Annabelle herself makes an underwater appearance.

During a scene earlier on in the film where Arthur and Mera are set to meet up with Vulko in a ship that has sunk to the ocean floor, the camera shows us where these three will be meeting. In a moment that we can only describe as “blink and you miss it,” viewers can apparently see the porcelain doll (of death) discarded on the sea floor. (Too bad she doesn’t just stay there!)

Cinema Blend asked James Wan about the inclusion of Annabelle, but the director chose to play coy and would only joke about the idea of Patrick Wilson’s King Orm actually being Ed Warren under water. In fact, in response to the question about the creepy gem the director said, “I have no idea what Easter Egg you are referencing here, if it’s an Easter egg. Maybe Patrick Wilson is really Ed Warren pretending to be King Orm?”

And when Cinema Blend spoke to Wilson about the inclusion of Annabelle in the film, he seemed not to know anything about it but was not really surprised by her inclusion.

Honestly, we love the idea of seeing the Conjuring Easter egg pop up in Aquaman, even if these two movies have nothing to do with each other. We’re all for movie universes paying off of each other (even in a background sort of way). We just hope Aquaman somehow destroys Annabelle in the process of defeating other baddies…

Will you be on the lookout for Annabelle when Aquaman hits theaters on Dec. 21? Or would you rather close your eyes during that scene (we know we will).