12 stunning gift ideas fans of any Star Trek series will love


The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we have 12 different gift ideas for the Trekkies in your life. Whether they’re a Kelvin timeline Kirk fan or they’ve been rooting for the Klingons since the day they entered the fandom, there’s a gift for everyone.

It’s stressful being a Trekkie in the now unstable Star Trek fandom. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the future of Star Trek 4. Most of us just want Chris Pine back, and we’re still not sure if Megan Fox will appear in the upcoming film. The only thing that’s giving the Trekkie in your life hopeful is the new trailer for Star Trek: Discover season two—which is why it’s especially important to find an exceptional Star Trek holiday gift for the yellow shirts in your inner circle.

You likely don’t have enough money to personally hire Chris Pine to reprise his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek 4, but we do have some ideas for more cost-affordable giftable alternatives. Even if you’ve never watched an episode or read a comic book issue of Star Trek in your life, we researched some gifts that those Star Trek fans in your life will love.

Trek the Halls Sweatshirt. Image via Café Press.

Trek the Halls Sweatshirt

The winter holiday season will commence once your friend opens this present, but every Trekkie needs an ugly sweater in their closet. Who would have thought a Starfleet emblem decorated as a holiday tree would make us so festive?

Price: $39.99

Star Trek Enterprise Ship Cufflinks. Image via Star Trek Shop.

Star Trek Enterprise Ship Cufflinks

We’ve decided that tiny Enterprise cufflinks should complete every formal outfit. These fancy additions to a suit or blazer will help your Trekkie friend feel like a confident member of the Federation at their next interview or dinner party.

Price: $60.99

“Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats”. Image via Barnesandnoble.com

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats book

Your friends can go boldly where no cat-lover has gone before: the illustrated Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats book. Illustrated by Jenny Parks, the book envisions the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-170-1-D crew as different breeds of cat.

Price: $14.95

Star Trek Klingon Messenger Bag. Image via Fun.com.

Star Trek Klingon messenger bag

If you can’t afford a Bat’leth prop replica or a custom Klingon Bat’leth necklace from Etsy, we don’t blame you. Thankfully, there’s a Bat’leth-themed messenger bag for your friend who always roots for the Klingons instead of the Federation.

Price: $59.99

“Star Trek Next Generation” Sciences Robe. Image via FYE.

Star Trek Next Generation Sciences Robe

Your friend might not be in the science or medical field, but you can make them an unofficial blue shirt with this Star Trek bathrobe. Don’t worry: they won’t need to attend to any wounds or intergalactic food poison victims when they wear this robe.

Price: $59.99

“Star Trek: Boldly Go,” Vol. 1. Image via IDW Publishing.

Star Trek: Boldly Go, Vol. 1

There are more than a handful of Star Trek comic runs. However, Star Trek: Boldly Go extends the latest movie franchises adventures, complete with new risks, enemies and alien species. Granted, you might want to get them a few issues so your friends can reappreciate Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana’s run in the new films-turned-comics.

Price: $9.99 – $19.99

Star Trek TNG Varsity Hoodie. Image via ThinkGeek.

Star Trek TNG Varsity Hoodie

Unfortunately, the communications badge is only a decorative chenille patch, but the yellow, red, or blue options will make your friend feel like a real Starfleet member. We cannot confirm nor deny that wearing this in public won’t incite any Cardassian attacks though.

Price: $59.99

Star Trek Vulcan Salute Pin. Image via StarTrekParty on Etsy.

Star Trek Vulcan Salute Pin

Let your friends live long and prosper with this Vulcan salute pin. It might be a simple design, but it would be a perfect addition to any denim jacket or varsity hoodie.

Price: $9.95

Star Trek Prosper Graphic Tee

Speaking of living long and prospering, you can give your friend the gift of extending their Vulcan appreciation beyond a mere pin with this Spook-themed graphic T-shirt. This crew neck design is perfect for a casual day in the Star Trek fandom… so anytime after Star Trek 4 resolves its casting dilemmas.

Price: $12.99

Star Trek Pizza Cutter. Image via WhatonEarth.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

We can’t confirm this Enterprise pizza cutter will make your friend’s DiGiorno pizza taste better, but it will make them look infinitely cooler while they slice their cheesy dinner. Sure, this pizza cutter might be more expensive than the standard pizza cutter, but that’s just the price of your friend’s fandom.

Price: $39.95

Star Trek Captain’s Log Notebook. Image via Amazon.

Star Trek Captain’s Log Notebook

With this captain’s log notebook, your bestie can finally moonlight as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. If your friend also happens to be an archaeologist at heart, then this gift is even more of a must for your favorite Captain Picard in training.

Price: $8.95

Star Trek Romulan Ale T-Shirt – BoxLunch Exclusive. Image via BoxLunch.

Star Trek Romulan Ale T-Shirt

If your friend is a fan of more obscure Star Trek references, they’ll appreciate this Romulan ale T-shirt. The Romulan alcoholic beverage might only have a few cameos in various Star Trek-related television episodes, but now, your friend can celebrate the beverage that got Fallit Kot eight years of court-ordered manual labor.

Price: $28.90

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Whether your friends were on the Klingon’s side or the Starfleet’s side during (and beyond) the Federation-Klingon War, we’ve scoured the web for the perfect Star Trek holiday gift for them.