Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama meet and discuss global female empowerment


As part of her global book tour, Michelle Obama was in London for an evening and ended up meeting Meghan Markle for an inspiring chat.

It’s the friendship dreams are made of (at least in our minds). Meghan Markle got to meet Michelle Obama in person during a stop on the latter’s book tour. And not only did they meet, but it seems these two powerhouse women even had the opportunity to discuss some very important topics, including female empowerment.

This meeting was the first time these two have had the opportunity to meet in real life, although Obama has met with other members of the royal family, including Prince Harry. It is even said that the two are quite friendly with each other, so it was likely only a matter of time before the Duchess of Sussex would meet the former First Lady. However, now that it has happened, we have to take a moment to talk about what these two discussed (and also breathe).

So, what could two women who have never met before have to talk about? Well global female empowerment of course! That’s right, Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle took the opportunity to discuss ways to help women around the world no matter where they live or what their culture is. As two women who have shown over and over that their goal is to raise other women up, we are definitely not surprised by this particular topic.

Female empowerment was not all they discussed during their meet up either. Markle and Obama also discussed causes they both share an interest in such as educating girls, as well as more personal things, including pregnancy and what it is like to raise children.

As someone who has been in the public eye and raised two girls, Obama is clearly an excellent resource for the Duchess, who is now even more in the public eye than ever before. Honestly, we can’t think of anyone else who would understand what she is dealing with quite as well. (Although we do know Kate Middleton is an excellent resource.)

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We love everything about this meeting and are excited that Markle and Obama finally had the chance to meet and talk in person. Hopefully, there will be more meetings in the future. With some of the topics they discussed already, we can only imagine the amount of change these two could make happen around the world if they worked together.