Meghan Markle honors New Zealand’s women’s suffrage movement in inspiring speech


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the final phase of their royal tour, and the pregnant Duchess shined in her strong speech about women’s rights.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been immersed in a 16-day royal tour. Now on the last segment of their travels, Markle and Harry took time to honor the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand, reported People.

As part of that celebration, the 37-year-old royal mom-to-be is earning kudos for her impressive speech about feminism.

Meghan Markle honors women’s suffrage

Even before Markle wed Prince Harry and became a member of the royal family, she was known as a feminist. Markle has been an ambassador for United Nations Women and spent time with organizations such as One World Vision to explore life for women and girls in Mumbai and Dubai.

Markle’s speech reflected her passion for women’s rights. She and Harry landed in New Zealand on Sunday, spending time with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Governor Dame Patsy Reddy at Government House in Wellington. The occasion honored the country’s 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Looking stunning in a black Gabriela Hearst dress and necklace sporting a traditional Maori design, Markle expressed her admiration for the women in New Zealand who campaigned for their right to vote. Those women became the first in the world to achieve that right.

Meghan Markle redefines feminism

To prepare her speech, Markle said she thought about the importance of New Zealand women’s right to fight and “the larger impact of what this symbolizes.” The Duchess pointed out that while “women’s suffrage is about feminism… feminism is about fairness.”

Suffrage is about more than the right to vote, Markle made sure to mention. Suffrage also is about “the basic and fundamental human right of being able to participate in the choices for your future and that of your community, the involvement and voice that allows you to be a part of the very world that you are a part of.”

Moreover, while the occasion celebrated women’s suffrage, Markle declared that it represented “the basic and fundamental human right of all people, including those members of society who have been marginalized whether for reasons of race, gender, ethnicity or orientation, to be able to participate in the choices for their future and their community.”

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