Titans preview: Grayson leaves the team to reunite with Donna Troy


On Titans, the next episode, “Donna Troy,” will introduce the titular character and Dick Grayson’s apparent departure from the pseudo-team.

The last episode of Titans on DC Universe killed Robin — well, at least the symbol of Dick Grayson’s version of Robin. “Asylum” might have put an end to Grayson’s days as the boy wonder, but the preview into episode 8, “Donna Troy,” foreshadows another untimely end in the series: the Titans team.

During the sneak peek of Friday’s episode, Garfield abruptly reminds us that the Titans aren’t actually the Titans yet when he asks Dick, “This is the end of the team?” Though Gar, Kory, and Rachel might seem convinced that Dick is ready to leave the covey of rising heroes, we’re almost certain this breakup is going to be more of a hiatus.

Given the emotional trauma from last week’s episode, the entire team was forced to acknowledge a grim reality about themselves, and it will have lasting effects beyond this upcoming episode. However, this episode will likely focus on Grayson’s latent identity crisis in conjunction with a new character’s debut.

Dick let his Robin suit burn in the fire from Dr. Adamson’s facility, but he’s clearly not over his days as Robin. His sense of insecurity in himself leads him to one of the familiar people he allows himself to trust from his past: Donna Troy.

Titans Ep. 108 — Photo Credit: John Medland / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We say that he allows himself to trust Donna because Dick clearly has a fear of intimacy complex, and not just in romantic relationships, friendships as well. From the first episode of Titans, we learn that Grayson has been alone since he bridged the gap between himself and his Bat Dad. By alone, we mean intentionally distancing himself from anything that is perceived as human contact.

When he was a detective, before all the Trigon-foreshadowing took off in the series, Grayson actively avoids getting a partner. He momentarily let his guard down with the Titans for the sake of Rachel’s well-being. Now that he thinks the cult who has been trying to kidnap Rachel is completely out of the picture, he can go back to his reclusive ways.

However, he might not be entirely set on committing to that lifestyle again. “Asylum” dredged up Grayson’s wounds about himself and his past that he’s only been about to ignore because he’s been leading a solidarity life. Being with the Titans, particularly after he emotionally and physically connected with Kory, reminded him that he doesn’t necessarily have to be alone — but being the canonical Grayson we know and love, he doesn’t want to open up to new people.

Although Dick has trust issues and qualms with accepting his new self without the Robin alias, he does have sparse connections with people he legitimately trusts. Returning to a familiar person gives him some grounding during this tumultuous time. As the preview references, Donna Troy is the familiar person who can help him postpone his angst.

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As the title of the episode suggests, Friday’s episode will focus on Donna Troy’s character, and we’re excited to watch Titans on the DC Universe approach to the Amazonian crimefighter known as Wonder Girl. After Conor Leslie’s interview on her portrayal of Donna Troy, we’re excited to see Dick and Donna’s sibling-like relationship.