People are pranking parents by asking how long it takes to microwave a turkey


This Thanksgiving, we’re (jokingly) thankful for the many ways millennials prank their parents, including this turkey trick that’s gone viral.

Thanksgiving is almost here! As we all take the time to finalize our plans for the day, many of us are figuring out how to cook certain dishes for the first time.

As many millennials prepare to host their first Thanksgiving, it’s apparent there’s a lot of work that goes into cooking a turkey and all the other dishes. For the most part, us millennials are not as incompetent as our parents sometimes believe. That doesn’t mean we can’t play off this stereotype though — and pull off one of the best Thanksgiving pranks of all time.

The prank itself is simple: ask your parents how does one microwave a 25-pound turkey. Know Your Meme notes that while this prank has been around since 2016, it has since gone viral leading up to Thanksgiving 2018.

People have been asking this question to their parents via text and then posting their parent’s responses on social media, and the responses are pretty hilarious. While you can actually make a turkey in the microwave if it is small enough, you definitely can’t for a bigger bird. Also, even for the smaller turkeys, why would you do that?

Parents have shown all ranges of emotion, from confusion and alarm to outright anger. You’ve got to see some of these responses because they are pretty hilarious.

Some moms were very alarmed by the question and insistent that their child call them right away.

And others were just concerned about their child’s safety.

While others were just completely over it and decided their child was hopeless as an adult.

There were even some moms of celebrities who got in on all of this.

Some parents are too smart for us all, and they already know what is up.

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In the spirit of good Thanksgiving fun, why not text your parent or grandparent today and ask them how to cook that turkey in the microwave. After all, Thanksgiving is almost here, and you’ve got to get that turkey cooked somehow!

And, if your parents supply you with an amazing response that makes you laugh or roll your eyes, share the memeable moment with us and the rest of the world.