Titans debuts second trailer as the DC Universe’s drama scores an early season 2 renewal


DC Universe has dropped the second trailer for its upcoming live-action series Titans, previewing a fearful yet terrifying Raven and more.

There is a new trailer for DC Universe’s live-action scripted series Titans, and once again we are seeing a team of young heroes coming together, even as darkness is an ever-present problem. Though the series has yet to even premiere, it seems as if DC Universe is already feeling confident with Titans, as the recently launched SVOD platform has already renewed the show for a second season.

And that’s not the only Titans news that will excite fans this morning. DC Universe has released a new trailer for the series. This second look at the show offers a deeper better look into your heroic(ish) youthful team, with Dick Grayson/Robin seemingly a little less dark and tortured than what we witnessed with the very first look at the series.

One member of the Titans certainly stood out in this new trailer — Teagen Croft’s Raven. In the clip, she not only asks Grayson for help, but we also see her being locked up in what looks like a Catholic-run hospital of some kind.

It becomes clear rather quickly that there is something happening with Raven, as she tells Dick Grayson that there is a darkness inside her. There’s some major foreshadowing, and literal dark shadows creeping onto the screen, as Raven mentions her father needing her “welcome” in order for him to arrive. We can only imagine just how bad things could potentially get.

While Dick Grayson/Robin might seem like the leader of the Titans and the one who will bring them all together, with this trailer it seems as if the thing that will ultimately lead to the team uniting might just be Raven and whatever darkness lives within her.

Despite the major spooks Raven is giving us in this trailer, it is otherwise fairly tame compared to the first, which focused heavily on a dark and brutal Robin. This time around, there is less brooding and dare we say, a little bit of romance? At one point we see Robin kissing Star Fire, which definitely isn’t a dark moment.

We also see Beast Boy get more screentime, in both his human and tiger form. In one part of the clip, we see him crouched within a large cage with blood dripping from his face. Somehow, there’s still a lightheartedness his character offers in the trailer, and we can’t wait to see more of his (hopefully) joyful nature while fighting with his fellow Titans.

Thanks to news announced during the show’s world premiere panel at New York Comic Con on Wednesday evening, we now know we’re in for at least two seasons of Titans fun and chaos.

Watch the new Titans trailer here:

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Titans premieres October 12 on DC Universe.