First official Titans poster features all four heroes in a gritty setting


The first official poster for the upcoming Titans series, which will be exclusive to the DC Universe streaming service, is here.

The first poster for the new DC Universe exclusive series, Titans, is finally here. The art prominently features all four stars in costume, ready for action.

While the trailer for the series and previous promotional material has focused primarily on Dick Grayson, played by Brenton Thwaites, the new poster clearly gives the other members of the Titans equal focus. Not only is Raven, played by Teagen Croft at the very top of the poster, prominently displayed, but Star Fire, played by Anna Diop, and Beast Boy, played by Ryan Potter, are front and center as well.

Photo Credit: DC Universe

Each of the characters is in a serious fighting stance, and definitely do not look like superheroes you’d want to mess with. To give more weight to the poster, there is a smoke-like effect rolling off of the Titans, and in the smoke you can see important aspects of each character, from fire to the raven, and even a battle ready tiger. Grayson even looks already a bit beat up in the image.

Even the font for Titans is gritty and solid, making it clear that these are not the young heroes we have all come to know in the past. In fact, forget about the cartoon version of the characters so many of us are familiar with, because this live-action series seems poised to reinvent all of them.

In previous first looks for the series, it was made abundantly clear that this show is going to have much darker undertones than previous incarnations of the characters. Rather than young teens saving the world, we are going to get a series with much more adult-worthy content. With this new poster, that emphasis on the gritty nature of the Titans is once more reinforced, especially thanks to their fighting stances and the smoke effect surrounding them.

Though Dick Grayson (also known as Robin of Batman and Robin fame) is a huge draw for the show, this poster reminds everyone that the Titans are a team.

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Titans is set to begin streaming on the new DC Universe service October 12.