Spider-Man: Far From Home cast swings into Venice for filming


The Spider-Man: Far From Home cast is ever on the move this month as they head to their next filming location. This time, the next stop is Venice, Italy.

The world-wide adventure that is Spider-Man: Far From Home is making yet another stop, with the main cast already there ahead of filming. Early Thursday, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon shared on Instagram that they arrived in Italy, and showed off that they’re living the Venetian good life.

Earlier in the filming schedule, Holland recorded a behind-the-scenes video on a set that was staged to look like Venice. Based on the blatant Venice souvenir props in the background, it was a sure bet that this was a confirmed location for the movie. It wasn’t certain back then if the cast would actually head out to the actual city to film more scenes, though.

Now, it looks like this on-site filming is confirmed, too, and the cast is taking advantage of the time they have in the Italian city. Tom Holland shared a photo on his Instagram of himself, Zendaya, and Balaton (who plays Ned) cruising through Venice’s famous canals. Batalon, likewise, shared a similar photo, and Zendaya shared a few memorable moments to her Instagram page and story.

From the looks of it, the cast has the OK to tag Far From Home in their Instagram posts, so it’s good to see that there’s some transparency here. Marvel often gets very secretive about filming, so it’s nice to see that the cast doesn’t have to pretend about the obvious for once.

Now, as the three have arrived in Venice, it’s likely new set photos and videos will emerge that can give us more details about how things will go down in Italy. On the Venice set, we saw an attack along the canal, with some thinking Hydroman was the evil mastermind behind it. Just recently, the cast was in Prague filming a scene at a local festival where yet another attack occurs.

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It goes without saying yet again, but this vacation will surely be far from ideal for Peter Parker. Destruction seems to follow him wherever he goes, and there will possibly be multiple villains on his tail. At least he’ll get to do a little sightseeing while he fights crime.