Creed II second trailer promises more pain, heartbreak, and trials for Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis


The second Creed trailer is promising to be one heartbreaking story that will push Adonis further than he’s ever been pushed before. Will Rocky help him pull through?

The beginning of the first Creed may not have ended on the best note, but things didn’t seem completely terrible for Adonis.

He did lose his fight against the formidable Ricky Conlan, but he was on good terms with his girlfriend Bianca and Rocky (even as he was undergoing treatments for cancer). But if the struggle he went through in the first movie wasn’t enough, life’s really about to up the ante for Adonis in the sequel.

In the first trailer, we learned that Adonis (or “Donnie”) would be a father, with Bianca (played by Tessa Thompson) as the baby’s mother. But instead of being a stay-at-home dad, it looks like Donnie really wants to get back in the ring again. Given how dangerous the sport can be (especially in the movie world), he really needs to be careful this time around. He has someone who depends on him now, and he absolutely cannot end up like his father, Apollo.

Seeing as this movie will be mirroring Rocky IV, where Donnie is poised to fight Ivan Drago’s son, things don’t necessarily look like rainbows and sunshine for him. Whatever he’s trying to prove, Rocky, Bianca, and even his own mother don’t seem too sure that this is the way to prove it. Fighting someone like Drago can only mean bad news.

To see Michael B. Jordan hit the ring as Adonis in the latest Creed II trailer, you can watch the video below:

It also goes without saying, Michael B. Jordan’s workouts in this movie look absolutely intense. Maybe all that training will help him defeat Drago after all. But ultimately, at the end of the day, we’re hoping he shows that he’s a family man who cares for somebody other than himself.

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Creed II will hit theaters Nov. 21, 2018 — that is, assuming Tessa Thompson is all done with those “reshoots” she was totally supposed to be doing this past weekend.