Avengers 4 censored photos emerge, possibly confirming Ronin over Hawkeye


New promotional images continue to surface for the upcoming Avengers 4, and thanks to new censored images we may have proof of Hawkeye becoming Ronin.

The images might be heavily pixellated, but they are still clear enough to once more hint at Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye becoming Ronin. Just like in the comics themselves, it seems as if Avengers 4 will show the evolution of some of our favorite characters.

While the rumors have been swirling for some time about Renner’s Clint Barton/Hawkeye taking on a new persona for Avengers 4, these new images seem to officially confirm the news, according to CBR. Even heavily censored, there is no doubt that one character is wearing a hooded costume while handling a bow staff. And in the comics that character is Ronin, the other alter ego of Clint Barton.

Considering the pixellated images show what looks like Hawkeye with his bow and arrow next to the hooded character, we can only assume that both images are in fact Clint Barton. And if this tease really is Jeremy Renner’s character then, one picture is showing Barton as Hawkeye, while the other image is the character taking on his alter ego of Ronin.

Even if this is only a temporary thing, it makes sense to see Ronin come into play, considering Barton’s Hawkeye has been under house arrest since the events of Captain America: Civil War. Plus, he is not the only character who seems to be getting a new look that is in line with the comics.

Recent photo looks even hinted at some changes for Captain America, which would see him in a costume similar to one he wore in the Civil War comics. And with ComicBookMovie.com sharing all of the leaked images, even with many of them being heavily censored, it is clear that all of the Avengers are getting new looks, and they are definitely more like the classic comic book costumes.

While we don’t know exactly what is going on with these leaked images, they could be a sneak peek at what we can expect in Avengers 4, but for now it seems they could simply be reference photos for a toy line associated with the upcoming film.

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We won’t know what these censored images mean until either the first trailer for the film is released (along with official promotional material), or the actual movie itself hits theaters. But we can at least appreciate the new costumes and speculate over what this means for the future of some of our favorite superheroes.