Rumored Captain America suit for Avengers 4 hints at a dark end for the hero


New photos leaked on Reddit could be revealing Captain America’s new suit in Avengers 4, which has a look familiar to previous designs.

As we wait for more news about Avengers 4, many fans are excited to get any crumbs they can find. While official promos and posters haven’t been released yet, there have been some leaked photos. Leaks are bound to happen on these movies, and sometimes we don’t even know how big of a spoiler certain things are until after the fact.

We’ve already seen one leaked photo from Reddit that shows supposed concept art for Avengers 4, with the original group and a few newer faces together wearing new suits and gear. There were also higher-res images of these characters leaked just a few weeks ago.

Today, another set of images was leaked on Reddit. Now, keep in mind these images have not been confirmed to be official. So, take any analysis on these pictures with a grain of salt. These images show Captain America in promo photos sporting a new suit.

The suit looks most similar to Cap’s look in Captain America: Civil War. As the thread about the images on Reddit points out, the scales on his suit connect to suits that he wore in the comics. It has also been noted that this suit was considered for his look in Civil War before they went in a slightly different direction.

This new suit does look very similar to the promo art that was leaked on Reddit earlier this year. In Avengers: Infinity War, the scale pattern could also be seen underneath some of the rips in Cap’s suit.

"AVENGERS 4 OFFICIAL CONCEPT ART! from marvelstudios"

So, while we can’t confirm whether these images are real or not, connecting the dots does lead one to think that this could be a suit that Steve Rogers wears in Avengers 4.

Some fans are concerned about this since this scale version of the suit is the one that Steve wears when he dies in the comic version of Civil War. As many fans are worried about the fate of Captain America in the films, these photos are fueling even more speculation.

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We are loving this new look and how it connects to previous Captain America looks. We just hope this doesn’t bode ill for our favorite star-spangled man!