Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans celebrate their friendship on Twitter with Disney memes


Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. posted their friendship in Disney-meme form on Twitter, and fans can’t get enough of this cute friendship.

If you’re big fans of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., you might already know that they are great friends in real life. While the relationship between Captain American and Iron Man is sometimes complicated, the two actors get along great.

In fact, Downey even gifted Chris Evans a custom car back in August. They always seem happy to see each other on red carpet events, and often have great things to say about the other in interviews. It’s clear that these two respect each other and have an off-screen friendship that has lasted.

This weekend, RDJ and Evans took to Twitter to share images back and forth of the two of them and their friendship exemplified through Disney memes.

This is so adorable, and fans of the two were thrilled by this cute display of friendship. Downey got this BFF-fest started, and we are so glad he did. He put up a picture of Faline and Bambi with a picture of himself and Evans, saying that the two were comparable to these Bambi characters. Bambi and Faline love each other, and so do Evans and Downey. So, we think the comparison is fitting.

Chris Evans is a Disney fan, so it’s no surprise he responded.

After responding to Downey, he also added his own comparison. In Evans’ tweet, he compares Woody and Buzz Lightyear to himself and Downey. This makes a lot of sense when thinking about their MCU characters, as Woody is a leader whose leadership is challenged by a man in a suit.

But, in the end, Buzz and Woody become great friends. We have yet to see Tony and Steve’s reunion after the tragic ending of Captain America: Civil War, but we bet the two of them make-up as well.

Fans were loving these interactions, and here are some notable fan reactions to these tweets.

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Do you have any Disney comparisons to contribute for these two? We’re sure there a plentiful comparisons to make!