Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth share MIB set photos on Instagram proving the Revengers are for life


It’s the Revengers for life on the set of MIB as Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth share behind the scenes photos (and a video) to Instagram.

The dynamic duo of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are together again. In new set photos shared by both actors from behind the scenes of MIB, fans get to see the Revengers of Thor: Ragnarok as they take on a new threat to Earth in the reboot of the Men in Black franchise.

On Thompson’s Instagram, the actress shared a post featuring two pictures, both in black and white. While the first picture has the actress looking sultry, while Hemsworth makes a silly face, the roles are reversed in the second picture (although instead of going for sultry the actor went for more serious).

In her post, Tessa Thompson didn’t say anything, but she did tag Chris Hemsworth and use “#MIB” to showcase the project they are working on.

Over on Hemsworth’s Instagram, the actor shared not only one of the pictures that Thompson posted, but he also shared a video as well. However, it was the tags for the picture with the actress that has us smiling. Among the hashtags that the actor included were, #MIB, #MWIB, #legendsinblack, and #revengers4life.

And of course seeing the Revengers back together again is certainly exciting for Marvel fans who enjoyed the interactions between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok. Now with new personas in Men in Black, fans are eager to see the two’s comedic chemistry on the big screen once more.

Of course, the two pictures were not all that was posted, as Hemsworth also shared a dizzying video. In the caption, the actor says he does “all my own stunts,” as we basically watch him spin around in a circle.

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While these pictures and video don’t reveal much about what is happening on the set of MIB, it shows us Tessa and Chris are hard at work on the film (spinning excluded).