3 reasons why Shuri deserves her own TV mini-series


With all the hype about Disney developing mini-series for some of our favorite MCU characters, we have some points about why Shuri should be next.

As Disney prepares to launch its own streaming service, we learned this week that they have plans to create a few limited series centered on favorite characters from the MCU. It has been reported that Disney is in early developments for series centered around characters such as Loki and Scarlet Witch. Fans are obviously thrilled about this idea, and this news has Marvel fans speculating about which other characters could get their own show.

While the future of Shuri in the MCU isn’t known completely, we do know that she survived the snap. We also know that she is likely to appear in Avengers 4 as well as future Black Panther movies. She should definitely get as much screen time as possible, and she is a character that we would love to see more of. Need proof? Here are three reasons why Shuri should get her own TV mini-series:

She’s an already an accomplished, Emmy-nominated actress

Letitia Wright was nominated for an Emmy for her role in Black Mirror. While she didn’t win, it’s clear she has some acting chops. She would definitely be able to star in and carry a mini-series as the lead character.

Her charisma and talent (and the fact she is already making waves in the industry) tell us she could definitely do well as the star of a TV show. We would love to see where she could take the character if given more screen time to do so.

Fans are hungry for more complex, interesting, and powerful female characters

This series could be a jumping off point for even more of that. With Captain Marvel coming out in March, it looks like Marvel is finally going to focus more on some of its female characters. The women in Black Panther were all diverse, interesting, and well-rounded characters. They deserve their own movies and TV shows, too.

A Shuri show would be inspiring to girls and women of all ages, and we would also love to see Okoye and other characters make an appearance. Speaking of that, Danai Gurira is an accomplished actress who has starred in many television shows such as The Walking Dead, so we would love a Dora Milaje series, too!

Shuri’s comic book series could easily translate into a TV show

Marvel has announced they are going to release a Shuri comic book series. Dr. Nnedi Okorafor is going to be writing the series. This comic is exciting as it will explore the character in more depth, so the stories in this upcoming comic would make a great basis for a television show. Marvel could easily use the comics as a jumping off point to tell more stories about Shuri and Wakanda.

Also. Evangeline Lilly celebrated the end of her Avengers 4 reshoots with champagne. light

It’s clear that fans are ready for more Shuri and more Letitia Wright, and we think she would make a perfect choice for her own show. Who would you like so see get their own mini-series?