The Haunting of Hill House trailer picks atmosphere over horror, and that’s okay


The first trailer for Netflix’s new horror series, The Haunting of Hill House, gives us chills and thrills, even as the horror seems to be waiting in the wings.

Netflix has given us our first official trailer for The Haunting of Hill House and while we know this is a horror series, it wasn’t the horror that made this first look so haunting. In the video, which runs over two minutes, we finally get a feel for the storyline behind the series (of course, if you have read the book, before you might already have an idea).

This trailer not only gives us amazing shots of Hill House, including one shot with a red glow coming from all of the windows, but it gives us chills right away thanks to the young girl describing the things that will ultimately happen to her and her brother. Thanks to this trailer we know that we are going to be learning about one particular family who resided in Hill House. We’ll clearly see their destruction as well.

From the spooky glimpses at this not so innocent home, to the words we hear from this little girl as she describes her “dreams,” this is a trailer that is chilling and haunting, even as horror seems to be waiting in the wings. However, the little girl is not alone in sharing her bad dream, as her brother also hints at the devastating path his life will take.

At one point, the little girl describes a vision of herself on “a silver table with my jaw wired shut,” as the trailer shows us a teen girl lying on an autopsy table in front of the mother. As the mother turns around, the girl sits up and apparently rips the wires off in order to cry out for “mommy.”

While one might find this horrifying (it is), the scene gives us a glimpse at the true horrors that this family is going to face. Not only will there be haunting dreams, but there will be death, drug use, and trying to make the pain go away.

Hill House makes this family different, and yet as Timothy Hutton’s character says, this family isn’t crazy. And with tragedy clearly dogging their steps no matter where they are in the country, it seems as if this family will finally have to confront the ghosts of their past (both literal and figurative).

From ghostly figures to real-world problems, this is a family that is haunted in more ways than one, all because of what should have been something so innocent — their home.

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While this first trailer for Haunting of Hill House is seemingly light on true horror, it certainly works at giving us a glimpse at the haunting and chilling nature of this story. With the series set to begin streaming on Netflix as of Oct. 12, there is still a bit more time before we witness what happened to this family thanks to one of the most haunted homes in the country.