The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix releases new ghostly images


Netflix and The Haunting of Hill House want to make sure we tune in when the series premieres in October. And that means offering up new ghostly images.

The Haunting of Hill House official Twitter page has a message for those of us brave enough to look. There are ghosts in this house and they have been here for quite some time.

In a series of tweets, some which included some rather ghostly images, Hill House let the world know that those who enter its doors are never as alone as they may think. And while some of the images are quite obvious in their ghostly nature (still creepy), others are less so.

One of the first images, with a time stamp of 08-07-45, shows a daughter sitting in her father’s lap smiling, while mom looks over at someone off camera. However, it is the ghostly face in the upper part of the picture that really draws the eye.

And with a caption that reads, “We’ve been here a long while,” who knows just how old this particular ghost really is?

Is anyone else thinking maybe breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day anymore?

The next picture shows us the father, daughter, and mother from the first picture, as well as the rest of the family. And while there is no clear, ghostly presence in this image, it looks like perhaps something was trying to pop up.

Considering the ghostly nature of the house, we think those floating orbs are more than just dust motes.

The next image we see (in between messages from the house itself and its otherworldly occupants), shows two of the young children from the breakfast pictures. It looks like your standard back to school picture, but of course it isn’t because usually ghosts don’t show up to crash the party.

The best part of this ghost is that she is clearly trying to see what is happening, as she peeks around the railing of the step to look at the children. Then again, she also doesn’t look very happy (she is a ghost though, so we can’t blame her).

Finally, the last picture is of the house itself. And while no ghosts appear to be making their presence known in the image, that doesn’t mean anything. The house has an air of mystery surrounding it that makes even the most innocent picture seem a bit ominous.

It might be thanks to the sepia quality of the picture, but Hill House does not look like it’s your average home in any way. From the Gothic structure of the house, to the overly abundant foliage blocking portions of the structure, this is a home with secrets.

While the images themselves are certainly enough to keep us intrigued and ready for more, it is the message from the house and its ghostly occupants that has us curious.

“Our house is a very, very, very fine house. With two cats in the yard. Life used to be so hard. Now everything is easy cause of you.”

When your house starts sending you messages like this, it may be time for a realtor. That’s also true when you start seeing ghostly visitors appearing in your family photos.

While none of these images appear to be overly terrifying, and none of the ghosts seem ready to hurt anyone, we can only imagine that there are more spirits residing in this home. And considering there are ghosts to begin with, it’s likely that something bad has happened in this house.

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We may have to wait until Oct. 12 to find out what secrets lie behind the doors of Hill House, but we plan to study every picture Netflix and The Haunting of Hill House releases. Maybe we will discover more ghosts and hidden messages along the way.