American Horror Story: Apocalypse theory suggests Asylum link


A fan theory tries to connect the dots between American Horror Story: Asylum and Apocalypse, suggesting a good vs. evil showdown.

While fans are aware that American Horror Story: Apocalypse is a crossover event of Coven and Murder House, a new fan theory suggests a connection with Asylum, too.

At the end of the premiere episode of Apocalypse, Michael Langdon arrives at Outpost Three and says he is a representative for “The Cooperative” and is there to decide of who is worthy to be moved to a new, better shelter.

Since he is the antichrist, fans are guessing that he is up to something shady. They are suggesting that maybe Michael is looking for his own Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or, in a more wild theory, that he could be hunting down descendants of Kit Walker (Evan Peters) from Asylum.

This might sound a bit out there, but here is the logic behind it. In Asylum, the devil possessed Sister Mary Eunice, played by Lily Rabe, and the devil’s scheme gets ruined by aliens. These aliens also abduct Kit as well as both women in his life, and Kit’s children had angelic, healing qualities. If the aliens represent good in the universe, it could mean that Michael Langdon needs to stop their descendants, so they don’t take him down like they did with the devil.

This theory was first suggested over two years ago on Reddit by user jcoleman87. Fans are also suggesting that the two newest faces in Apocalypse, Emily and Timothy, could be the descendants. These two have clearly already been set up as Adam and Eve-like characters in the series, so this connection makes sense.

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This theory is fairly out there, but, when it comes to AHS, stranger things have happened. What do you think about this theory? Is it grasping at straws or can you see something like this happening?

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