Young Coulson in the Captain Marvel trailer is everything


Captain Marvel’s teaser trailer has arrived. We’ve already seen young Nick Fury—but the trailer gives us our first quick look at young Phil Coulson

Captain Marvel doesn’t come out until March, but we’re all holding our breath already, because there’s so much at stake since Avengers: Infinity War.

We got our first look a few weeks ago and saw a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. (And still with both his eyes!) It got us super pumped for the possibilities of what a de-aged Clark Gregg might look like as Agent Coulson.

Captain Marvel’s trailer gives us our first very brief look at a younger Phil Coulson. A much younger Phil Coulson. If you haven’t had a chance to see, check it out below:

And ladies and gentlemen, it is everything you want it to be. Clark Gregg even retweeted one fan’s appreciation for the young spring chickens of SHIELD.

He’s a fresh-faced agent of SHIELD! No Chitauri spear through his heart yet. No added years from dealing with Tony Stark. And definitely no Project TAHITI in his brain just yet.

And… he has hair. I didn’t realize I needed this in my life until this trailer, but I did. Agent Coulson is something else.

But it’s not just that he looks young. It’s all of the possibilities with a younger Coulson, a Coulson just starting out at SHIELD. Is he partners with Fury? Is that how he gets sucked into all of the adventures in the future MCU films?

Will we get any other Agents of SHIELD cameos? Like Melinda May? (Hey, I can hope, right?) Can we see how much the introduction of Carol Danvers affects Coulson’s life? After all, it will lead him down a path full of superheroes… and a path to his inevitable death (and rebirth… and death again).

At the very least, we need to see young Coulson in action in this new, strange world. Has he been a desk jockey since joining SHIELD? Does Fury drag him into the fold (probable answer: Absolutely)?

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Young Phil Coulson has some big shoes to fill next March when Captain Marvel hits theaters.