Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin hints at prequels still in progress


After Game of Thrones secured its Emmy win for Outstanding Drama Series, George R.R. Martin let it slip that there’s still more prequel possibilities.

There’s not much certainty with Game of Thrones these days, other than that it can still take home the Emmys and that the final season is airing next year. Though fans may have thought things were settled when it came to what’s going on with the next series set in the same universe, George R.R. Martin casually turned that all on its head at last night’s Emmy Awards.

During the post-win interview, Martin casually noted that five series are “in various stages of development,” which seems to fly in the face of the news, which was that the Jane Goldman Age of Heroes series had gotten the nod to at least make a pilot, and that the other series weren’t doing quite as well.

To be completely fair to Martin, he did say “various stages,” not that all five were making pilots or anything like that. HBO might have a lot of Emmys, but it also spends a lot of money, and if the series doesn’t seem like they’re ready for pilot stages, then it doesn’t make sense to spend to make a pilot. Nor should this necessarily be seen as a vote of no confidence in Goldman’s work. By all appearances, Martin’s very impressed by it.

But all the same, it’s quite intriguing, and it may perhaps validate the rumors about at least one of the other series ideas. We’ll see if things change in the near future, since Martin’s not the final arbiter of what HBO makes. That’s still HBO.

Watch the full interview, posted by Variety, below, with a note that there is one instance of NSFW language. The same clip also includes Kit Harington getting to mention his wife, Rose Leslie, which is honestly just adorable:

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What do you think of Martin’s statement? And, perhaps more importantly, did Game of Thrones deserve the Outstanding Drama award?