10 essential candles to bring the smell of fall indoors

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Sweet Seduction candle. Photo via Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle – Halloween Candles

Nothing says fall more than Halloween and thanks to Yankee Candle’s exclusive (and limited edition) Halloween candles, you can spookify your home plus get some delicious scents wafting through the halls.

This line of exclusive candles features three scents: Sweet Seduction, Witches’ Brew, and Sugared Cinnamon Apple. Sweet Seduction reminds you of all the sweet and yummy goodness of fall thanks to the vanilla, caramel, and rum scent of the candle. Sugared Cinnamon Apple will have you wanting to head to a state fair for some cinnamon apple goodness thanks to the hints of nutmeg, clove and vanilla that make your mouth water for dessert.

However, it is the Halloween specific candle that will really have you clamoring for fall. Witches’ Brew is a sweet and spicy candle that uses patchouli to cast its spell on you. So while you won’t be thinking of food when you burn this candle, it will definitely make you think of a proper witch’s potion.

Although you can pick up these candles in the standard Yankee Candle jar with just a small picture highlighting the scent, what’s the fun in that. Instead, grab one of the black jars that is ready for Halloween and add a bit of spookiness to your life. Whether you grab the classic jar or the pillar, these are perfect for any Halloween display.

Where to buy: Yankee Candle ($2 – $30)