BossLogic envisions Rihanna as Poison Ivy in new fan art


BossLogic may be onto something. The artist reimagined Rihanna as the DC villain Poison Ivy, and honestly, we can see this happening on screen now.

In honor of Rihanna’s new Savage x Fenty collection for New York Fashion Week, the singer and entrepreneur shared a new picture featuring a sexy green bra and opera length gloves. The image was shared on her social media account, with plenty of love from her fans.

Not only did her followers commend her on how sexy she looked in the picture, but some even pointed out that she was giving them “Poison Ivy vibes.”

Considering the lacy look of the bra and gloves made it look like green leaves were adorning her outfit, this picture was truly inspiring. So much so that artist BossLogic just had to take a stab at it with some villainous fan art.

The artist shared his vision of Rihanna taking on DC’s iconic supervillain Poison Ivy. He made it clear that this is not actual casting news, but rather his interpretation of “Poison RiVy.”

The green vibes of the original photo by Rihanna caught not only the artist’s eyes but many of his followers. According to BossLogic, since the singer originally posted the picture to social media, a number of followers tagged him in order to show him the Poison Ivy vibes they were getting.

If you are a fan of the supervillain from the Batman comics then you know that the artist’s reimagining truly is quite spot on. From the vibrant greens of the ivy used to transform the gloves and bra, to the red added to her hair, and even the hint of green infused into her skin, BossLogic was able to transform Rihanna into Poison Ivy.

While we know that we will eventually get to see Poison Ivy on the big screen again in Gotham City Sirens, there’s no news yet as to who will take on the role. Based on this fan art by BossLogic, we have a new potential obsession.

Who else looked at the reimagined picture of Rihanna and immediately thought she would be a perfect Poison Ivy for the DCEU? Even if this is the only time we see the singer as the iconic villain, it was certainly worth it.

It’s been a busy week for BossLogic, who has shared a number of amazing pieces of fan art reimagining quite a few actors as a number of different characters, such as Michael B. Jordan in the role of Superman.

With this latest piece of fan art turning Rihanna into Poison RiVy, the artist once more has us captivated. And while the singer might not be our new Poison Ivy, at least we can imagine the possibilities.

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