Henry Cavill is hanging up the Superman cape for good


While he has proven to be a great Clark Kent, the time for Henry Cavill and Superman may be coming to an end as the DCEU shifts their focus.

According to an exclusive report by The Hollywood Reporter, our time with Henry Cavill as Superman is coming to an end. The Mission: Impossible Fallout star was in talks for a cameo in Shazam!. When that fell through, Warner Bros. began to shift focus away from a storyline that could include Kal-El at the age that Henry Cavill currently is.

The studio is reportedly focusing on a Supergirl origin story with a teen superheroine. With that taking precedence over a Superman standalone, Cavill couldn’t portray Clark because of the age that Kara is when she comes to earth (her main goal is to protect an infant Kal-El).

What’s interesting about the THR story is that the studio recognizes that certain parts of the past films don’t work. This may be upsetting to fans as Warner Bros. feels those “parts” include Cavill’s Clark Kent, and Ben Affleck’s lackluster Batman didn’t exactly help.

All that being said, with Henry Cavill’s new casting in The Witcher for Netflix, his schedule is going to be pretty tight for any upcoming films. Then again, unless he’s making cameos in the standalone films that are already scheduled, there really isn’t any use for Superman in the foreseeable future.

Which is sad because Cavill truly was a great Clark Kent. It wasn’t his fault that the script wasn’t really up to par with the Superman we know and love from the ’70s.

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