3 reasons Henry Cavill might not be a great choice for The Witcher


Henry Cavill has been cast as Geralt in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. We have our doubts, and here’s why.

As Netflix plans to create a live-action TV series based around The Witcher video game franchise, fans have been speculating about who would be cast to play the lead role of Geralt.

While many names have been thrown out there, not many people were expecting the answer. Henry Cavill has now been cast in the role. It will be his first time returning to TV since being in The Tudors.

So far, fans’ reaction on Twitter has been pretty surprised, and, to be quite honest, not super thrilled by this choice. Here are just a few of the things people are saying about this casting decision:

While the Netflix series is said to be based more on the original book series than on the video games, fans are having a hard time seeing Cavill in the role, while others are willing to give him a chance.

Here are a few reasons we have that he might not be the best fit:

1. There are other actors who could deliver a better performance and look truer to the character

While we know that a lot goes into these casting, there are a lot of actors out there who seem like they could deliver the grit and charm that Geralt exudes more accurately.

Fans have always been excited by the idea of Mads Mikkelsen in the role, for example. We agree we would have loved to have seen that happen.

2. Henry Cavill’s recent performances have left a lot to be desired.

While the success (or lack of major success) of Justice League and other films in the DC franchise can’t be pinned on Cavill, many people find his performance as Clark Kent to be less than inspiring. His recent role in Mission: Impossible Fallout was also seen as a flat performance. The Witcher is a very popular game franchise, fans will be looking for someone who can carry it with nuance and accuracy, and we aren’t sure Cavill is the man for the job.

3. His comments about the #MeToo movement might not make him the right choice for this

A few weeks ago, Cavill made an out-of-touch statement about dating, influenced by fear from the #MeToo movement. Although, seeing as how The Witcher series has also faced criticism of its portrayals of women, we wonder if this is a great way to set up the series. While the games have improved over the years and become less sexist, we hope that Cavill will be on board for equality.

While Cavill has since apologized, and we hope that he has learned, we are a bit leery of his casting when it comes to gender and the series. Luckily, the show is being created by a woman, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and features many women on its writing staff. So, we are hopeful and holding out on judgment for now.

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Are you excited about Henry Cavill being cast as Geralt? Who are you fan casting for other roles in the franchise?