20 essential songs of summer, featuring Cardi B, Ariana Grande and more

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“My My My” – Troye Sivan

“My My My” was something we weren’t used to hearing from Troye Sivan. While it was still a more laid back track with a thumping synth beat, it was a more dancey than his usual songs, and we loved it. The young pop star seemed to come into his own with this single, and he confidently danced for his life in the accompanying music video.

Troye is starting to make big waves as a queer artist in the music industry, and even though “My My My” didn’t get as much airplay this summer as the other songs on this list, we still think it was one of the season’s best. It was sexy, with a great production value and lyrics that you want to sing at full blast. Those are all the ingredients for a major summer bop, and we think if Troye keeps it up, by summer 2019, he can be a serious threat. It’s about time a gay artist gave the pop queens and rappers a run for their money!