20 essential songs of summer, featuring Cardi B, Ariana Grande and more

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“Boys” – Lizzo

If Lizzo’s song “Good As Hell” taught us anything, it’s that the girl knows how to pump out a feel good anthem. With “Boys”, she did it again, this time singing about how she loves all kinds of boys, from the pretty boys to the gay boys (they’re her fave boys, go and slay boys). She lists off all the kinds of guys she likes, whether they’re big or little, bearded or clean shaven, and in the video, she’s as confident ever as she rocks a mini-fro and goes fully nude in another shot.

We love any song with a funky beat and we love boys (sometimes), so a funky song all about boys, by a badass self-lovin’ girl like Lizzo? You better believe we made sure this track got plenty of airtime at our summer parties! Whether it hit the mainstream charts or not, it definitely earned at least an honourable song of the summer mention.