10 things you should know about the iPhone XS and the latest Apple releases


Apple announced several new upgrades to the iPhone line as well as a new Apple Watch. Here’s what you need to know about each of them.

Apple has risen from its tech slumber once again to bring us more products to “ohh” and “ahh” over. As I predicted, Apple wouldn’t be unveiling anything too dramatic or special, but they did create some new technologies that could absolutely be called game-changing. From the newest iPhones to the Apple Watch, here are the biggest takeaways from Wednesday’s Apple event.

iPhone XS comes in two new sizes

Going back to the idea of having two different-sized phones that started with the iPhone 6, the upgraded version of the iPhone X will now come in two sizes: the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. Gone are the days of the “Plus” model, but the idea is all the same. These iPhones are finally comparing to Samsung’s Galaxy line, whereas the XS will be about 5.8 inches (the same as the Galaxy 9) and the XS Max will be 6.5 inches (bigger than the 6.4 inch Galaxy note).

iPhone X also comes in an economical model

That’s right, to everyone who complained about the iPhone X’s $999 price, Apple is giving you a little gift to get more bang from your buck: the iPhone XR. This “economical” model will start at $799, and is much like the iPhone 5Cseries that came out years ago. Compared to the plastic-looking iPhone 5Cs, these cheaper models actually do look on par with the XS — although they come in a range of different colors rather than the classic gold, silver and space gray.

The iPhone XS pricing hasn’t changed from the X

If you’re still dreaming about getting the top-of-the-line model, the iPhone XS will still run you $999. And that’s just the minimum pricing. Pricing for the XS Max begins at $1099. Although, when you put it into perspective, that’s only $100 more. If you want more storage, though, you’ll have to amp up the price you pay.

iPhone’s giving you more storage options

For those who don’t mind paying a bit extra for space, Apple is giving us more options for your internal space. Now, iPhone XS models will come in both 64 GB, 256 GB and now 512 GB models of storage. The priciest phone (an iPhone XS Max at 512 GB) will cost you nearly more than some MacBooks at a whopping $1499.

Depth of field changing in photos is now a thing

The iPhone XS line got a dope new camera feature that some photography or Instagram addicts might love (if pricing isn’t a problem). With its new tech, the iPhone can now change the depth of field in a picture even after it has been taken. The simple sliding scale in the photo’s editing feature will let you easily change the depth of field (i.e., make the background more or less in focus).

The iPhone X will quietly go away

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, they’re down for keeping the last model on the market and just slashing the prices. Oddly enough, the original iPhone X is not something they want to do that with. While displaying the discounted prices for the older models, (which included the 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus), no iPhone X was to be seen. Sure, you’ll still be able to find the iPhone X in some places. But it seems like Apple is really trying to remove itself from the controversial model, even though it’s not so different from the XS (See: the notch is still there).

Apple Watch has a new model with a bigger screen

Playing second fiddle to the iPhone announcement was the Apple Watch, which is getting a brand new upgrade this time around. The Apple Watch series 4 now comes with a display that pushes the screen to the corners, and is about 30 percent bigger than the series 3 watch. Apple also bragged that this watch is a lot thinner, so no longer will you have to sport a watch that looks cool but a bit chunky on your wrist.

The Apple watch speaker is louder

Praise be, the series 4 watch will get a louder speaker. Part of the appeal of using the Apple Watch comes with being able to do voice commands or make calls without the hassle of picking up with your phone. But when you’re constantly lifting the watch to your ear and struggling to hear what it’s saying, it takes away some of the fun of having a device like this. Luckily, Apple placed the microphone on the opposite side of the speaker as well, so say goodbye to chaos and hello to clear, crisp sounds.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 12: Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple Inc., speaks during an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California. Apple is expected to announce new iPhones with larger screens as well as other product upgrades. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Watch OS 5 gives you a changed interface

Along with a pretty, sleek exterior, the new Apple Watch will also give you an OS that glimmers and glows. OS 5 now comes with a brand new watch face, which lets you add up to eight complications (little apps and widgets). Some of the complications are also getting an upgraded look in the menu, as well as how they look when you launch them. For example, Maps will finally let you see a map on the screen.

Apple introduces first over-the-counter ECG

One thing that Apple does take seriously is its commitment to revolutionizing the health tech field, especially through its watch. And this time, they’ve essentially created the first “over-the-counter” electrocardiogram. The watch will also be able to detect falls and slips. If it’s detected you fell or slipped, it will offer to call emergency services. If you’re immobile for more than a minute, it will call on its own. Life Alert better watch its back.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be out Sept. 21, and the iPhone XR will be out Oct. 26. The Apple Watch 4 will be available on Sept. 21 as well, and watchOS 5 will be available on Sept. 17.