Insecure season 3 episode 5 live stream: Watch online


In this week’s episode of Insecure, all Issa needs in this life of sin is Coachella, Queen Bey, and her girlfriends… we think.

It’s Beyoncé or bust for Kelli, Issa, Molly and Tiffany as the four head to Coachella. While the trip to celebrate Tiffany (and her baby) seems to start out great, things take a bizarre turn when the ladies end up high at Coachella.

Here’s the episode synopsis:

"The girls take a weekend trip to celebrate Tiffany; Molly has trouble leaving her obsession with work behind."

This episode is probably the most sitcom-y of the season so far. It seems to be focused solely on Coachella shenanigans and nothing else. It’ll be nice to have a break from watching Issa and Molly stumble in life. I’m ready to see their reactions to Beychella and Kelli tripping on edibles. I know all of the ladies will be a riot high, but I’m sure Tiffany will be livid that her bourgeois girls’ trip is being ruined.

The last episode where we saw all of the girls traveling together was season 1’s “Broken AF” when Issa was dealing with the aftermath of Lawrence finding out she cheated. While things between the girls aren’t as tense as they were back then, there’s sure to be some drama that will have to be resolved.

Molly’s obsession with her work and her continued judgment of her new job is probably getting old in her friend circle, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that results in a read or two from the group. Issa might also find herself in the hot seat if she spills the beans about quitting her job. Molly, Kelli and Tiffany have never been the kindest about Issa’s financial situation, so I’m positive they’ll have a lot to say about her bidding We Got Y’all goodbye.

Here’s how you can watch Insecure season 3 episode 5 online:

"Date: Sunday, September 9Start Time: 9:30 p.m. ETEpisode: “High-Like”TV Channel: HBOLive Stream: Watch on Fubo TV. You can also watch on HBO GO or HBO NOW."

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