Star Wars: Qi’ra and Maul’s scene doesn’t mean much for Solo


In rewatching the scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story where Qi’ra contacts Darth Maul, are there any new details to glean and build off of?

When things go down and you need to get ahead of a story, you don’t just send a quick message. You make a call and go straight to the top. At least, that’s what Qi’ra does in Solo: A Star Wars Story. IGN has released the clip on its YouTube page, giving us the opportunity to check out and linger over Darth Maul’s new appearance without having to resort to looking at the photos that also saw a recent release.

In rewatching the clip, the thing that sticks out most is how unnecessary it seems (at least at first glance). Even before the movie, fans like yours truly were guessing that Qi’ra probably wouldn’t be with Han at the end of the film. This scene basically establishes that Qi’ra still cares for Han enough to protect him, that she’s a good liar, and that she’s pretty high up in the Crimson Dawn organization. None of those things are exactly new by the time we get to this part of the movie.

However, what the scene does do is provide something of a tease for a possible sequel. Emilia Clarke has said she’d like to do more Star Wars, and at the time, I posited that there was potential for a Qi’ra movie. Solo starts to scratch the surface of the criminal elements in the galaxy, but Darth Maul’s lines make it clear that there’s a lot more where that came from.

Tonally speaking, it’d be different even from Solo, and perhaps as dark as Rogue One (albeit in a different way). While Qi’ra may not have seemed all that intriguing prior to the film coming out, the movie makes a pretty decent case for her to lead a movie. Besides, it might let us see Darth Maul again — and this time, make it actually mean something.

Watch the clip below:

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