Emilia Clarke’s ready for more Star Wars and coming back as Qi’ra


Never say never to more Star Wars, especially when you’re Emilia Clarke. Does that really mean that a Solo sequel could be on the way?

Emilia Clarke knows how to tease things without really saying too much. That’s not really a surprise. After all, she’s spent plenty of time dodging Game of Thrones questions. So, when faced with the challenge of not spoiling Solo: A Star Wars Story, she didn’t say much, but she did reveal that she’s totally down to come back as Qi’ra to Entertainment.ie.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean she’d have to come back in a Solo sequel. However, she did pointedly note that the film apparently ends on a “cliffhanger” — her word, not ours. Of course, she made sure to disclaim that she doesn’t know anything and that she hasn’t been spoken to about it.

Of course, taken with the reports that Alden Ehrenreich could potentially come back thanks to his contract, the potential for Solo 2: Not So Solo (a name we definitely would mock if it were the actual title) seems higher than ever.

There are two options, however, that would both prevent us from having to come up with a name that doesn’t sound ridiculous for a Solo sequel and bring Clarke back. The first is, of course, a movie based on Lando Calrissian, which Lucasfilm is probably doing even if it doesn’t want to confirm that it is just yet.

The second would be a Qi’ra movie. Now just wait a moment. Clarke, in this interview, points out that the character actually has a period where a lot of things apparently happen to her. It’s a period that Clarke herself wrote about to try and get a better hold on her character. Why not let her lead a film? It’d be a prime opportunity to capitalize on Clarke’s post-Game of Thrones time and maybe even hire a woman to direct a film. (Lucasfilm has to start somewhere.) We could even have an almost entirely female cast in a Qi’ra movie!

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Okay, we’d better stop ourselves before we get too far ahead.