Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Claims of treachery


Another set of possible Game of Thrones season 8 major plot spoilers are out and about on the internet. How would these play out with the story?

Warning: Not only does these supposed spoilers reveal a possible Game of Thrones season 8 death, they also just reveal some huge plot points in general.

It feels necessary to state that on this week’s episode of Take the Black Live, where I and Winter is Coming‘s Dan Selcke talk about all things Game of Thrones, I did not know about the new spoilers circulating r/freefolk that claim, among other things, that Tyrion Lannister will die. After all, I said that I wouldn’t mind Tyrion dying on the season because of his fan-favorite status.

The thing is, if the claims from Frikidoctor are accurate, Tyrion might lose that status before he dies. Per those claims, Tyrion will somehow turn on Daenerys and the rest of her allies. Frikidoctor does not actually say what he ends up doing. However, there could be some sort of impetus based on the fact that Tyrion apparently has some sort of feelings for Daenerys. We’ve seen Tyrion’s jealousy lead him to do similar, perhaps somewhat rash or impulsive, acts before, like killing Shae and his father, Tywin.

It doesn’t seem like he would try and kill Daenerys (or Jon) necessarily, though. Perhaps he starts creating some sort of contingency plan just in case things go wrong with Daenerys, and that’s enough to earn the charges. That seems like the safest bet based on Frikidoctor’s reports that the big scene where this is all revealed will involve Arya and Sansa, who have done this sort of thing before.

Everyone else in that reveal scene, though, is pretty expected, as r/freefolk lists out: Jon, Daenerys, and Tyrion. Could the famous hug between Jon and Sansa, where Sansa looks out at someone else, be her looking at Tyrion, as she already knows that he’s up to something? Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem right. We know Winterfell burns, and unless there’s some green screen magic going on, they look to be in Winterfell’s courtyard.

But deception seems to be in HBO’s playbook, as one of Frikidoctor’s other claims is that Emilia Clarke didn’t film in the Dragonpit, which is supposedly where Tyrion’s trial happens.

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As we get closer to season 8, stay tuned to Culturess. We’ll bring you all the spoilers and speculation you can handle.