Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: A moment of silence

We know that Game of Thrones season 8 is going to feature some combat sequences, but what costs will those sequences come at in terms of characters?

Warning: Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers in the form of images are below, and there will also be discussion of these spoilers below.

We already knew that something would go down at Winterfell in season 8 of Game of Thrones. However, it appears that once again, r/freefolk has the goods on the very latest from production over at Moneyglass.

Those goods show that we’re not going for a simple burning castle. Frankly, did we expect anything less? Probably not.

The photos aren’t as clear as some of the others we’ve seen lately, but that just means we’ll have to look a little closer (not like that’s particularly a challenge).

Let’s take @GoTLikeLocation’s theory into consideration first. It’s tough to justify seeing someone with a “dagger” based on this evidence alone. However, if this is an actual White Walker assault, and if someone is dying, it might be a mercy kill to end them with dragonglass before the Night King can return and resurrect them. That assumes that killing someone with dragonglass or Valyrian steel somehow prevents resurrection.

It could be that the four (or five, as @gayeld suggested in a thread on Twitter) are trying to decide if that’s what they should do. Yes, that’s quite a few conditional statements. However, it seems like a fairly reasonable idea, given what just happened on The Walking Dead this week.

These photos could also help us build a timeline of what happens to Winterfell. It’s not exactly nighttime in these shots, so it’s possible that they’re even trying for a dawn or dusk shot after the castle burns. Although the set looks to be in fair condition in these shots, that’s something that would likely be fixed in the effects process.

Ultimately, the big question here is who’s dead? Is it someone we care about, or is it merely going to be an illustrative kill to show how much the war with the undead will cost Westeros? Speaking of war, assuming Jaime Lannister makes it up to Winterfell before the attack, perhaps this is his next object lesson in fighting them?

What we’re saying is we just want to make sure Jaime lives long enough to learn the lesson. This grouping has us worried for a lot of different characters.